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An open letter to Sammy Chung & Eric Yang

Hi, Sammy Chung and Eric Yang:

All our cell group of River of Life Christian Church want to know the answers what are your reason to text to my husband when my husband texted to Jason Genkuan Yang to ask where he sat when assaulted happened on Nov 8, 2015 at Taiwan Culture Center?

No matter Christians of River of Life Christian Church or Lutheran Church at Finch Avenue in Cupertino near Main Street in Cupertin or Cupertino High, or Christ Fifth in Bub Avenue.

We all need to know the answer that why Sammy Chung, Alison Tsao, Lana Shew are so afraid of praying in front of our cell group members and so afraid of let everyone know where Jason Genkun Yang sat and what was the reason that Sammy Chung promised to let us know what difference of all 24 witnesses said ?

In this police report, Police Nathan Brasil stated he can not get any response from Taiwan Culture Center for 9 days. Did Milpitas Police Department’s weapons less than weapons of Taiwan Culture Center?

Why did Pi, Reny said was totally different from Jason Genkuan Yang? Please honestly answer these question?

Allen Chi- We Chang also invited Alison Tsao and Sammy Chung to go to Taiwan Culture Center to attend the speech of Jiang Yi Hua at Taiwan Culture Center on Nov 8, 2015?

Allen Chi- We Chang’s stating he hear I answer my name after I submitted my question.

Eric Yang , you stated we can not insult your daddy and mom, then you and your wife Lana Shew kept rejecting pray about Jason Genkuan Yang’s lying to Abbie Serrano.

Lana Shew stated at Monta Vista High Website that I can not ask Jason Genkung Yang to change what he said.

But if Jason Genkuan Yang received bribe to state lies to Milpitas Police Abbie Serrano, then

why is Jason Genkuan Yang, who works at Broadcom and as Area Pastor of River of Life Christian Church keeping lying to all cell group members. All Christians from Christ Fifth, from River of Christian Church, from Luthuran Church and other Church and all students from Monta Vista High School, Saratoga High School, from Milpitas High School , Prospect High School, Palo Alto High School, Mission High School etc and all medias want to know the answers.

Have Sammy Chung and Eric Yang received bribe from Taiwan Culture Center so you keep help Jason Genkuan Yang to lie to Police Chief.

Why did Lana Shew mentioned my name as Charlene Lee but she did not use her real name or his son‘s real name. What is Lana Shew’s reason to pray at Monta Vista High’s Website but not pray in front of us?

Sammy Chung , Lana Shew, Alison Tsao, Meihuei Shih, Jason Genkung Yang , Eric Yang stated they did pray for me and my family and I want to know did they pray for Jason Genkung Yang’s lies and have they pray for their cover up Jason Genkuag Yang’s lies?

Sammy Chung, Lana Shew , Alison Tsao, Eric Yang, James Lin, Karen Lin have you ever praying for yourself for help Jason Genkung yang’s perjury?

Why has Lana Shew faced some difficulty as she stated at Monta Vista High Website, then why have her and her husband never request Pastor Samuel Liu, Belinda Meilei Liu, Pastor Zheng, Xin Tsai, Pastor Guang Xian Huang to pray about Jason Genkung Yang’s lies.

How much bribe has Jason Genkuan Yang and Meihuei Lin received to lie to Milpitas Police Abbie Serrano?

Why have Lana Shew wanted to lie to all students of Monta Vista High School and sacrice the reputation of Albert Yang, her son at Monta Vista High School?

What was the reason that Brandon Yang, Jason Genkuan Yang and Meihuei Shih, was afraid of bell ringing at his Saratoga House?

Why did Brandon Yang called to my husband? Why did Jason Genkuang Yang and his son Brandon Yang called my husband when my husband call Jason Genkung Yang to ask where did he sat when assaulting happened?

What were reasons Sammy Chung and Eric Yang rejected to have all of us to meet together to pray but kept use their wills to harass my husband?

Whether did Samuel Liu, Belinda Mei Lei Liu , Chief Pastor of River of Life Christian Church, Pastor Guang Xian Huang, Pastor Zheng Xin Tsai received a huge amount of bribery so they have rejected to help Sammy Chung and Eric Yang to handle these difficulty as Eric Yang’s wife stated at Monta Vista High School’s Website.

No Matter Attorney General of California , District Attorney Office of Santa Clara , Civil Grand Jury of Santa Clara Superior Court, Judges of Santa Clara Superior Court and Police at Milpitas police Department, Sheriffs of Santa Clara Sheriff Office, West Valley sheriff Office at De Anza Blvd. All of them need to have Sammy Chung at Juniper , Alison Tsao, Lana Shew, Eric Yang, James Lin
and Karen Lin to respond to all of these problems.

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