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Google CEO Sundar Pichai bribed Judge Theodore Zayner to steal a document we filed March 18, 2016

Google CEO Sundar Pichai bribed Judge Theodore Zayner to steal the document we filed March 18, 2016 about the response against demurer. Google is an evil compnay and has long-term conspired with Taiwan’s Kumingtang Party and President Ma, Ying Jiu to support fraud, and sex attacks. Google published fake degrees for criminal and support sex attacks in Taiwan and help Kumingtang to not to give the Taiwan people any freedom of speech. Google has used iTube app to control everything. Since we reveal Pastor Liu Tong in River of Life Christian for rejecting to pray for Jason Genkuen Yang (Broadcom), Wang Lin, Bi, Reni to lie to Milpitas Police Abbie Serrano, Google deleted my YouTube account.
In 2002 Yeh Erliang fraud Wu, Bao Tien NTD 160,000,000 (about USD 5,000,000). The year after Google published that Yeh Erliang was Professor and Associate Professor of National Central University, Master of National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) in Taiwan. These three titles and degree proved faked. We have informed Google several times, but Google still published Yeh Erliang was Associate Professor at National Central University.

Yeh Erliang has a ten page criminal record, but Taiwan’s Ma Ying Jiu (Kumingtang government) falsified Yeh Erliang with a Yale Bachelor in 2011 . Many judges lied that Yeh Erliang received U Penn Master. Ma, Ying Jiu received a PHD of Harvard University. He of course knew falsifying degrees was a crime, but conspired with three Ministers of Education, Minister of Law Department, Prime Ministers and Head of Taoyuan County (Wu, Zhi Yang) to falsify Yeh Erliang to receive a Yale Bachelor.
Yeh Erliang received his bachelor in Taiwan not at Yale. Taiwan’s principals have for a long time used Bulletin to publish fake degrees without the cooperation of Taiwan’s Ministers of Education and District Attorneys&Judges.
It is impossible to falsify U Penn Master degree twice, but Taiwan’s criminal judges falsified Yeh Erliang to receive U Penn Master. Yeh Erliang’s degree was Penn State Master not U Penn. Google has long conspired with corrupt Taiwan Kumingtang government to extort money from U.S. citizens to help Ma, Ying Jiu to arrest Taiwanese Americans.

The Brooking Institution and Asia Society still invited Ma Ying Jiu to visit the East Coast no matter if Richard Bush, Dauglas Bao or Bonnie Glacer all think Taiwan people should not get any rights. Taiwanese Americans should be arrested if they use the Internet in the United States.

Ma, Ying Jiu arrested Taiwanese Americans for using Internet in the United States, but without Google’s assistance and without corrupt U.S. Judges or senators, which is not so easy to do.

Sundar Pichai bribed Judge Theodore Zayner to steal the document and we responded by filing on the 18th of March, 2016. Judges at Santa Clara Superior Court are very corrupt. They usually demurer your case without any reason and without any oral argument. You need to spend a lot of money to appeal. Commission of Judicial Performance purposely allow these judges to receive money from a law firm company.

Google encouraged the sex attacks in Chinese in Taiwan by publishing the victim’s ID address and comments. Such behavior have made the assaults at Taiwan Culture Center from the 8th of November, 2015. No matter if ABC or Washington Post Angela Barns or Martin Barns or Christopher from the Washington Times all want to hide this assault affair, many journalists in the Washington Post got the price, but gave me some tickets expressing they’ve noticed this assault happened at 100 S. Milpitas Blvd, Milpitas CA 95035, but always reject to reveal them.

We talked to senator Dianne Feinstein about Taiwan arresting U.S. citizens for using the Internet, but he senator did not care about it. U.S. have so many good schools and so many non profit organization workers, but none of them really care about people. They only know how to make money.

As Sundar Pichai has been sued at small claims court at Santa Clara Superior Court, and rejected to show up in court. Sundar Pichai sent his legal assistant to show up in court iinstead. Judge Kenneth Allen ordered Requal Small, Sundar Pichai to take off a comment, about a sex attack case. The legal assistant promised to take it off, but Sundar Pichai still rejected to follow the oral orders of Judge Kenneth Allen. The main reason, Google is afraid of their long-term help with Ma, Ying Jiu’s arresting U.S. citizens will be revealed.

Google is a very sick company. Sundar Pichai hired Stephen Gikow to lie they did not know Judge Kenneth Allen. For this sick company, they only need to hire Stephen Gikow to bribe judge Theodore Zayner at Santa Clara Superior. Judge Theodore Zayner, William Elving , Mareen Folan etc., are notorious for corruption.

Stephen Gikow graduated from Yale University, but Yale’s Law School education only teach Stephen Gikow to bribe judge Theodore. I hired Russel Hanlon to help me appeal, but I think he received some money from Google too. I asked Russel Hanlon to ask Santa Clara Superior Court why the document filed at Santa Clara Superior Court was missing, but he rejected my question. Russel Hanlon also graduated from Yale University. These IVY league Schools only educate how to make money, but never educate them how to help people. This has caused U.S. court system to be a corrupt court system.

Judge Mareen Forlan tried to demurer the case we were assaulted by Alan Chi- Wei Chang. Alan Chi- We Chang’s correct name should be Ch-We Chang. He did conspire with Ma, Chong Lin, Chief of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in San Francisco. Jiang Yi Huah, (Visit Researcher in Stanford University, former Prime minister of Taiwan’s Ma Ying Jiu, Kumingtang government), Wu, Yu Huah , Chief of Taiwan Culture Center, Su, Shang Jie, Deputy Director of Taiwan Culture Center in Milpitas arranged a 60-year-old woman to assault me at Taiwan Culture Center. Steve Panganlinan, Chief of Milpitas Police Department first arranged Nathan Brasil to falsify the police investigation report in Milpitas California. Then, Steve Panganlina arranged Abbie Serrano to conspire with 23 witnesses to lie in this case. One of witness is Tina Bao’s Chi- We Chang’s attorney. Tina Bao was not there when the assault happened. Tina Bao helped Chi-We Chang to lie that he saw nothing inside the auditorium and lied the assault was outside the building. Jason Genkun Yang and Peiz Chiou both saw this Asia woman assault me, but Tina Bao could help Chi- We Chang with perjury and bribe Judge Mareen Folan to demurer the case. If Mareen Folan tried to demurer the case again on Aug 15, 2017. I will ask all Santa Clara Residents to recall Judge Mareen Folan, Theofore Zayner and William Elfving.

We will let all residents of Santa Clara California, know how corrupt these judges are and they encourage the assault and sex attack.

Victim of this sex attack was purposely published by Sundar Pichai. Sundar Pichai will need to apologize to the victim and pay them money. We should let all Americans know about Google’s involvement was a very bad thing in Chinese and for Taiwan.

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