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Jason Genkuen Yang lied to Abbie Serano at assault case at Taiwan Culture Center

Jason Genkuen Yang lied to  Milpitas Police,  Abbie Serrano about the assault case at Taiwan Culture Center at 100 N.  Milpitas Blvd, Milpitas, CA 95035.  He still has two days to tell us the truth. Otherwise, we will start contacting his neighbors, his two sons and his daughter, Saratoga High School, his sons’ and daughter School. Jason Genkuen Yang has been baptized for at least 17 years and Pastor Liu, Tong, Liu, Belinda Mei-lei , Pastor Huang, Guang Xei, Zheng, Xin Chai, rejected to pray for him or even Sammy Chung or Alison Tso. It means that the health of the River of Life Christian Church is in decline because Pastor Liu, Tong only cared about donations, but has never cared about our beliefs. It is sad for this huge church because nobody is willing to pray for Jason Genkuen Yang.

Alison Tsao said “Jason Genkuen Yang deserves to be respected.”  I don’t know why we should respect an area pastor for not telling the truth. Without explaining why, Debbie Chen said she respected him and loved him.

Why did a sister group leader respecting a person who lied to Milpitas Police Department support assault towards women? Why do the River of Life Christian support an assault towards women? Pastor Liu, Tong encouraged his Voluntary Area Pastors to lie. Belinda Liu rejected to pray for Jason Genkuen Yang and lied the assault happened on the 8th of November, 2015 for over 3-years. This couple only cares about how much money they can bring into the River of Life Christian Church.

My husband plays guitar for Liu, Tong. Teresa helped in a TV program and Ronny helped open her beautiful house for Liu, Tong. I like to ask Liu, Tong, what will you do for us? You use God’s name to get donations, but reject to help us.

Now Jason Genkuen Yang deception to the Milpitas Police about this assault and nobody tries to persuade him otherwise. Annie said forgive, but when you forgive a liar who helped in assaulting women, how can Harrison Yang, Bred en Yang, Karen Yang to be respected by his classmates and schoolmates?

In this Assault case , I will continue to investigate to millions of people about this case about assaulting women. We do not allow the police in Milpitas, Sunnyvale or San Jose to falsify police investigation reports. We all pay taxes and we do not allow corrupt police continuing to write false police investigation reports. We do not allow district attorneys to keep using false police investigation reports to purposely arrest innocent people or let criminals run away.

Victor graduated from UCLA. Ying Xue is a student from Taiwan. We need to let the world know that women cannot be assaulted. Judges cannot discriminate Asian Americans.

Judges at Santa Clara Superior Court cannot demurrer any case without any oral argument or hearing. Judges at Santa Clara cannot use tentative ruling to let us lose the chance to have witnesses come forward or to have evidence to be revealed in the court.

Taiwan people also need freedom of speech and freedom of the Media. There are so many reporters in Taiwan or Taiwanese arrested for using the internet or Facebook. Taiwan people need to have the same rights as American citizens. We thank President Donald Trump calling Taiwan’s president. This is the first time that a U.S. president called Taiwan’s president for the last 39 years. I think continuing the contact with the president may have influenced this call. I believe that Bonnie Glaser or Richard Bush in Brooking Institution cannot interfere with our effort to help Taiwan people get freedom of speech not only Taiwanese need for justice from the court, but all residents in the San Francisco bay area need justice from the court. We discovered corruption of many judges at Santa Clara Superior Court including Theodore Zayner, Willim Elfving, Mareen Folan, and Lisa Steigert. There are too many innocent people being arrested by very corrupt U.S . Police Department and they helped many criminals to run away. Steven Pengenlinan should be prosecuted.

Two Days later, I had written to Jeffery Rosen, Chief of District Attorney office at Santa Clara County. If he rejects to do anything for this case, he needs to be prosecuted as well.

I am also writing to Attorney General of California and Department of Justice. Those people who conspire to arrange a woman to assault me at Jiang, Yi-Huah’s lecture should be arrested and prosecuted. No matter how much money Taiwan donated to Santa Clara County. We do need justice.

If Jason Genkuen Yang still rejects to tell us the truth, I will continue to post many reports and we will contact his coworkers and his neighbors about this public case.



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