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Milpitas City Council members

Hi, Rich Tran, Bob Nunez, Mathra Grilli, Anthony Phan, Barbadillo:

Police Chief Steve Pangenlinan at Police report 15031212126 stated Nathan Brasil badge 310 was unable to get in contact with anybody at the Taiwan Culture Center within 9 days.

Police has guns so Steve Pangenlina should let all of us know at Nov City Council Meeting whether Taiwan Culture Center in Milpitas owns more weapon than US police.

So Milpitas Police Chief Steve Pangenlina can not have police to enter Taiwan Culture Center to get the three Hour video tape? It’s joke that US sells to Taiwan a lot of weapon but can not enter Taiwan Culture Center in Milpitas, California to get video tape.

Steve Pangenlinan should explain what are his reason to reject to reveal the photos taken by Frora Xu, Shindao Daily Chinese Newspaper.

Milpitas City Council members should reveal how much bribe Milpitas Police Department received from staffs of Taiwan Culture Center?

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