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Milpitas Police Chief Steve Pangenlinan Ordered Nathan Brasil To Help A Criminal Run Away Then Made A False Police Investigation Report By Frora Xu, Sing Tao Daily

Frora Xu from Sindao Daily Chinese Newspaper took the assaulting photos to hand over to Abbie Serrano.  But Abbie Serrano and Trish Young wanted to hide these assaulting photos and video taken by Taiwan Culture Center.

Abbie Serano arranged 23 witnesses to lie and did perjury. Jason Genkuen Yang lied he sat behind me 20 to 30 feet and lied he sat behind me five to six row. I did provide photos that he did not sit there.

He sat left of me 20 to 30 feet near the wall.  Jason Genkuen Yang was requested to lie to Abbie Serrano and Police Abbie Serano was requested by Milpitas Police Chief to falsify Police investigation report about assault case on Nov 8, 2015.

Both Peggy Chiou and Jason Genkuen Yang saw this woman assaulting me and Jason Genkung Yang said to her height and weight and hair color and her age of 60 ages. Peggy Chiou also mentioned this woman, but she lied about her age as 80 years.

Chi- We Chang from Tai Chi Men lied in the court and said he saw nothing and lied the assault was outside the building, but Jason Genkun Yang and Peggy Chou all saw the woman so it’s impossible that Chi- Wei Chang

Richard Li  from World  Journal  also saw Frora Xu tried to get my phone number outside the building after I was assaulted by this 60 year-old woman.  Richard Li   saw three men surrounding  ng me to try to interfere Frora Xu to get my cell phone number.

Frora Xu was forced by her Supervisor Joy Chen to lie to Abbie Serrano. Abbie Serrano knew I provided five vice organizer’s telephones, but only contact two of them.

Abbie Serrano and Trish Young all rejected me to see the photos and video tape. When we submitted subpoena to request to see the Photos provided by Frora Xu and video provided by Taiwan Culture Center. Police Trish Young rejected and lied I need to file with Santa Clara Superior Court, but Santa Clara Superior court said no. This subpoena did not need to file with Santa Clara Superior Court.

Judge knew Chi- Wei Chang from Tai Chi men did perjury, but on purpose to help to make a restrain order for three years. Now this restrained order has been Palo Alto’s release and cancel and they know Chi- Wei Chang did perjury so this restrain order is invalid.

Chi- We Chang hired Tina Bow as his attorney and bribed Judge Mareen Folan to try to demurrer the case. Yesterday I did write 10 Page complaints to Committee of Judicial performance about Judge Mareen Forlan, Judge William Elfving , Judge Theodore Zayner, Judge Lisa Steignert.

Abbie Serrano used Tina Bow as Chi- We Chang’s witness. It explained the Milpitas Police Department has received bribery to help criminal to run away and to help Su, Shien Jie , Deputy of Director of Milpitas  Taiwan Culture Center to move back to Taiwan.

Also Ma, Chong Lin was witness, but Police Abbie Serrano rejected to talk to Ma, Chong Lin. It explains this police chief Steve Pangenlinan has received bribe to make false police investigation report to hide this assault.

Three witness from River of Life Christian Church lied to Abbie Serrano. Richard Fong from DA office of Santa Clara County said all witnesses lied to Abbie Serrano should be prosecuted as perjury, but Abbie Serrano said no.

It means Abbie Serrano arranged 23 witnesses to lie to make false and fake police investigation report.

Two days ago at case 16 CV 295149 for my suing Jiang, Yi – Hua , Jiang – Yi Hua has never hired attorney so never showed up the court several times. Judge William Elfving at Department three said if we file the right procedure, he would issue the court order to let me see the photos and video. However, Judge William Elfving lied in the court on the 18th of July, 2017 at Department three and lied we did not do successfully Service. However, we did file proof of Service on the 5th of June, 2017 and Santa Clara Superior Court has recorded this proof of Service.

So Judge William Elfving lied in the court and we reported this to Commission of Judicial performance.

Judge William Elfving always rejected to see evidence at my other case and help Nicholas Pastore and Campbell Warburton to fraud in arbitrator’s award, and he conspired with Judge Neal Breanha retired judge to help Hoang Nguyen and RBT construction to use his wife name fake name to fraud and help Nicholas Pastore to fraud in his award. Nicholas Pastore got 147 lawsuits.

Hoang Nguyen got dozens of lawsuits. William Elfving tried to help contractor to use female name to fraud and lied my contractor was Female called Binh Thi Nguyen , aka Robert Bin Nguyen.

Then at this case we sued Nicholas Pastore , William Elfving rejected to see the evidence so we file appeal.

Judge Theodore Zayner received bribe to steal another document.  I will reveal more corruption in the near future.

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