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Monta Vista letter

Why has Lana Shew faced some difficulty as she stated at Monta Vista High
Website, then why have her and her husband never request Pastor Samuel Liu,
Belinda Meilei Liu, Pastor Zheng, Xin Tsai, Pastor Guang Xian Huang to pray
about Jason Genkung Yang’s lies.

How much bribe has Jason Genkuan Yang and Meihuei Lin received to lie to
Milpitas Police Abbie Serrano?

Why have Lana Shew wanted to lie to all students of Monta Vista High School
and sacrice the reputation of Albert Yang, her son at Monta Vista High

What was the reason that Brandon Yang, Jason Genkuan Yang and Meihuei Shih,
was afraid of bell ringing at his Saratoga House?

Why did Brandon Yang called to my husband? Why did Jason Genkuang Yang and
his son Brandon Yang called my husband when my husband call Jason Genkung
Yang to ask where did he sat when assaulting happened?

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