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Our organization stands against Brookings Institution (Richard Bush), CSIS (Bonnie Glaser), Asia Society, Council of Foreign Relation, and Jeremy Cohen at NYU.

The aforementioned do not allow the Taiwanese people to learn about the US court system.

We are against Taiwan’s former President, Ma, Ying Jiu and his relation with the Kumingtang Party.

Ma, Ying Jiu arrested US citizens for using the Internet in the United States.

Ma, Ying Jiu falsified Ivy League Degrees for criminals. Ma, Ying Jiu corrupted the Taiwan Court.

The Taiwanese people need jury systems. The Taiwanese people want Freedom of Speech. The Taiwanese people want the chance to collect signatures to make proposals and put proposals into ballot. The Taiwanese people want the right to vote to revise laws.

We support Tsai, Ying Wen, the current Taiwan President. But we do need her to set up jury system for us.  Currently only people who’s major are laws can be judges.  ThiWe also ask Tsai , Ying Wen to have election reform.  Taiwan people need to have chance to collect signatures to make proposals.  Put proposals into ballot.  Taiwan people want o get the rights to vote to revise the laws.  At the last 68years from 1949 to 2017, Taiwan people do not have any chance to revise the laws or creae(? ) a lwaw by t by people.