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Taiwan West Today USA Organization is a San Jose based Non-Profit Organization.  Our websites are and Taiwan West Today

On these two websites, we will reveal how former US President Obama neglects human rights. Obama allowed Ma, Ying Jiu, Taiwan’s former president, to arrest US citizens for expressing their opinions on the Internet when in the United States.  One of them was sentenced for 170 days in prison for stating her campus life within the US.  We contacted Obama hundreds of times but he rejected to respond. Now he wants to sell his books for a total of $60 million US dollars. Obama never cared about the human rights of US citizens and is a timid person who does not help his US citizens. He does not deserve to have a good reputation.

Second, our nonprofit organization would like to expose Google.  Google did a disservice to the Taiwanese people.  Many graduates want to work Google but do not know that they encourage sex attack and falsification of degrees. Google helped Taiwan’s Ma, Ying Jiu, who is part of the Kumingtang Party, to arrest US citizens. Google bribed judge(s) of the Santa Clara Superior Court (SCSC) and stole the document we filed at SCSC. Sundar Pichai’s legal assistant promised to take off a comment in front of Judge Kenneth Allen at a small claims court in Santa Clara County. However, Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, rejected to follow Judge Kenneth Allen’s oral order.

Third, our organization would like to reveal many non-profit organizations and retired American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) officials who did not care about Taiwan arresting US citizens. Non-profit organizations such as Brooking Institution, CSIS, Asia Society, Carnegie Endowment for international peace, Council in foreign Relation are to blame. These organizations do not care about the human rights of Taiwanese people. The Taiwanese people want to learn about the US system and want freedom of speech and media. For the last 68 years, the Taiwanese people have never had a chance to revise their laws by vote.  The Taiwanese people need to remove defamation criminal charges and false accusation charges in criminal court. The Taiwanese people want follow in the footsteps of the US and dispose of communism altogether. The Taiwan people do not want to be ruled by China and become a mirror image Hong Kong.  The Taiwanese and Taiwanese Americans should have the right to talk about people around the world. From 1845 to 1945, Taiwan was ruled by Japan. We think that the Japanese should apologize to the Taiwanese for occupying Taiwan, but we are an independent country now. We don’t China or Communists to rule us. We want to be respected like Singapore.


Fourth, our organization would like to reveal that Ma, Ying Jiu cooperated with many Taiwan officials to falsify Ivy League degrees for criminals. Jeremy Cohen at NYU, Richard Bush at Brooking Institution, Douglas Baal at Carnegie Endowment for International peace, and Bonnie Glaser at CSIS should not neglect Ma, Ying Jiu’s corruption.