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Lee v. Patore 9.26.16: transcript from Court Reporter Heather Gorley – June 2, 2017

Hi,  Jason:
Court reporter’s court transcript showed that Judge William Eflving and Arbitrator Nicholas Pastore did lie my contractor was a woman called Binh Nguyen  but I did not know this woman and this woman has never entered my house.  Your office can not help fraud and help to kill persons.
Hoang Nugyen did use fake name and use a woman’s name but Arbitrator Nicholas Pastore and Judge William Elfving did lie my contractor was a woman who has never entered my house and did not do any drawing and has never done any construction.  This case is Judge William Efving’s receiving bribe from the Insurance Company.  Arbitrator Nicholas Pastore got 147 law suits and your office should not help Arbitrator Nicholas Pastor and Judge Willaim Eflving’s fraud.  If so I will sue your company and you will have a notorious reputation  about helping killing people.
Hoang Nguyen and RBT construction did not pass any inspection and did not hire any structure Engineer.   In the past 30 years he got dozens of law suits.  This is court transcript and I work for an non profit organization.  If you help Judge William Elfving and Arbitrator Nicholas Pastore and Campbell Warbuton to fruad and kill people.  You will let US got a bad reputation.  Hoang Nguyen did not buy any insurance for any his workers.  He did not pass any inspection.  So Judge William Elfving has obviously received bribe from the Insurance company and from the law firm companies.  If you rejected to care about his using fake name then your office will simply get law suit from us.
Charlene Lee

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