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The Response I filed on March 18, 2016 missing at Santa Clara Superior Court. I filed claim against the County of Santa Clara on June 7, 2017. Currently Judges and clerks of Santa Clara Superior Court receive a lot of bribe from the law Firms company.

The document I filed at Santa Clara Superior Court at case 16CV290331 Missing.  Currently  Santa Clara Superior Court did allow a lot of judges and Clerks to receive bribe to steal the documents filed.

We have filed administrative Claim against the County of Santa Clara. Steven Gikow needs to let all medias know how much to bribe the Judge Theodore Zayner and his clerk to steal this document on March 18, 2016.

I found this document missing around Feb 7, 2017 so it’s within 6 months period.  I will file law suit against Stephen Gikow since he did bribe Judge Theodore Zayner to steal this response and objection to the demurer the case at 16CV290331.

Corruption is the name of Santa Clara Superior Court.  These corrupt judges used tentative ruling  and reject to have residents of Santa Clara County to have rights of suing and rights to get Justice.

Our Organization has a lot of evidence that Judges and Clerks have usualy received bribe from the law firm company and from the insurance.  We are a  research institution to research Taiwan and US Court and legal Systems of these two countries.



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