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Yelp comment about Pastor Tong Liu and River of Life Christian Church. Yelp comment on River of Life Christian Church, a case about assault at Taiwan Culture Center on Nov 8, 2015.

Pastor Tong Liu has rejected to go to your place or have rejected to give blessings.  So he is not qualified to be a pastor. He rejected to manage any his area pastors and rejected to pray for you or go to his cell group to pray for anything.  He rejected to do his work then his follower lied he was a good pastor. No, not at all. His wife Belinda Liu sent email to our group and said she rejected to pray for us and lied the assault on Nov 8, 2015 to today was beyond three years.  But she totally lied.  Today was June 5, 2017.  It’s one year and half and not beyond three year.  Pastor Tong Liu should respond to us.  Why has he rejected to pray for Jason, Genkuen Yang ,  Bi RenYi  and Wang Lin王玲。  These three persons lie and did perjury to Police Abbie Serrano at Milpitas Police Department.   On Nov 8, 2015, I was assaulted at Taiwan Culture Center a 100 S. Milpitas, CA95035.  The reason I was assaulted was that I submitted a question at Question and Answer Session at Jiang, YI-Huah’s lecture.  Jiang, Yi-Huah ‘s Ma, Ying Jiu’s former Prime Minister.  He did conspiracy with Wu, Zhi Yang and Ma, Ying Jiu falsified Yale Bachelor Degree for the criminal.  For the last 67 years, Taiwan people did not has any right to revise any law from people of Taiwan.  US did not have defamation criminal charge.  At the lecture on Nov 8, 2015.  I asked a question ”  At airbnb Case,  People here can collect 9700 signatures to make proposal and put proposal into ballot, Americans can vote to revise the law, Can Taiwan learn from the United States.  Then I said Xin Wu Elementary School four world.  At this time, Jiang, Yi -Huah rejected to respond to this question and arranged seniors to shout at me then he assigned a new person to submit a question at Question and Answer Session.  Then I was assaulted by a Woman.  This woman used her effort to assault me.  All of them saw about her assault.  Since Jason Genkuen Yang, Voluntary Area Pastor in Sara toga did mention this woman to Police Abbie Serrano, Milpitas Police Department.  He said there was a AFA Asian American Adult……, Jason Genkuen Yang stated she was at age of 60 with White and black hair and height 5 feet 6 inches … And in this assault police investigation report made by Nathan Brasil and Abbie Serrano. Another woman mentioned about this woman who was assaulting me without any reason.  Her name was Chiou, Peizhi  Peggie.  She was leader of Chinese School of Nothren California.  She aslo mentioned this woman who was assaulting me.  So everybody saw this serious assault.  Actually, Jiang, Yi- Huah, Ma, Chong Lin, Chief of Taipei Economic and Cultural office in San Francisco, Wu, Yu- Huah,  Chief of Taiwan Culture Center in Milpitas,  California, and five Vice Organizers.  ( Chi- We Chang,  Sun,  Ying Lien, Choiu , Peizhi Peggie, Wan, Chun Tai,  double ten, Ren, Chen, Yuan.  Organizers  arranged   this woman to assault me.  But now Jason, Genkuen Yang , Braodcom,   Pi, Ren Yi and Wang Lin did lied to Abbie Serrano.  This three persons have been baptized for 18 years at River of Life Christian Church but they all lied to Milpitas Police Department.  Pastor  Tong Liu,  Pastor Huang Guang Xian and Pastor Zheng Xin Chai have responsibility to   come to Eric Yang and Sammy Chung’s group to pray for this assault and pray for Jason Genkuen Yang, Pi Ren-Yi and Wang Lin.  But these three pastors have rejected to pray for us.  Then these three persons has no quality to be pastors. As a member of Presidential Advisory Board , I have right to request prosecute Steve Pengenlinan, Chief of Milpitas Police Department since he tried to hide this assault case.  Frora Xu from Sindao Daily Chinese Newspaper did take some assaulting photos and Richard Lee from World Journal was there too.  Washington Post did send me  a ticket about this news. But now all medias want to hide this assault news.  My neighbor from Lutheran Church did see the ambulance to pick me up to El Camino Hospital and she pick up me from El Camino Hospital and she did have all Christian from Lutheran Christian Church near Cupertino High.  But this Chinese Christian Church rejected to pray for this assaulting case and everybody only say the name of God but rejects to follow the words of God.

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