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To help Taiwan people improve their election and justice system.

To introduce the US jury system to the Taiwanese people. To make it possible to collect signatures to put forth a ballot for referendum. These ideas are previously unheard of by the common Taiwan people.

One of our purpose of our organization is for Fight for Freedom of  Speech in Taiwan

Taiwan West Today USA Organization
PO  Box 1389
Cupertino, CA95015
Chairman:  Jeanway Lee
主席: 李今薇
5 大目標
臺灣言論Liberty,媒體言論Liberty,   廢除毀謗刑事罪,誣告罪等美國沒有的刑事罪
學習美國收集簽名,作成提案,放入選票, 人人得以有一票投票修改法侓
Promote 臺灣陪審團制度
Promote 美國及臺灣 Court  Justice.